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I shoot all our weddings. I also do all my own editing and image processing so I have control over how they look.

I also have an assistant who will come along on the day as a second shooter if it is a particularly large wedding, or if the logistics mean I can't cover all bases alone.

I work on each image individually – like I would have done when printing in the Dark Room in the old days! Computer software is an amazing tool for photographers - but needs to be used skilfully and with a light touch. I use the “Dark Room” rule in all my processing and re-touching – if I would not have been able to do it when hand-printing I don’t do it.

My wife Anna handles bookings, processes orders and has on occasion turned up with extra brollies at the Church when the heavens opened or stepped in at the last minute to organise makeup, hair etc … for brides who left things a little later than perhaps they ought to have done! We’ll always go the extra mile to help your day go smoothly.

Photography is £1500 for a full day including a USB of retouched , high resolution images in b&w and colour.

See “Prices” for more.

Fingask Catle wedding Ashley Coombes photojournalist Scotland


“From the moment I spoke to you Anna I felt a sigh of relief! ... Ash was charming, unobtrusive, warm and totally professional.  The results say it all! Creative and natural shots that not only capture the mood and characters of everyone, but the whole essence of what it meant to us  – thank you."

Tamsin Napier-Munn, Fingask Castle


What to Expect When



Kippen Village Hall wedding Ashley Coombes wedding photo journalist Stirlinshire Scotland Getting married is a busy old time… and we appreciate you’ll have a long to-do list so the only thing we really ask is to be kept posted on what is happening. If there’s going to be a surprise firework display its good for me to know where and when!!

Ideally it is nice to meet you before your big day, which is why we include a pre-wedding consultation in all our packages. Most couples will come and visit us to discuss album choices and the plans for the day.  Some like to have an Engagement Shoot  – and sometimes we will meet at your venue.

I am also often asked if I need a recce at the venue. And the honest answer is not really! While it can sometimes be a convenient time and place to meet - and it may be helpful if it’s a venue I haven’t worked at before, more often than not the light, weather and setting will be so different on the Big Day that a quick scout around on the wedding morning is far more useful than anything done previously.

Occasionally due to circumstances – long distance etc – it has not been possible to get together but that does not, in all honesty, affect the end results.

About six weeks or so before the wedding we will send you an online form to fill in with all the final details - timings, requests for formal group pictures etc etc.



Private wedding Perthshire Ashley Coombes Photography wedding photojournalist Stirling Scotland While there is a “pattern” to weddings there are infinite variables that make each one unique – the venue, the light, the weather and most importantly the characters of the people who are involved – the whole point of wedding photo journalism as I do it is to let you be very much yourselves. To capture emotion, reactions, interactions – none of which can be “staged”.

We will have done the planning, I’ll have your order of the day, we’ll have agreed where and when any group shots are to be taken - so the best advice I can give you is to forget I’m there.  Enjoy yourself.  If I need you to do anything I will ask…


After …

Albums Ashley Coombes PhotographyAlbum product The post-wedding blues are well documented! But it is a hole that will be filled by your images. They will bring it all back to life for you – and often show aspects which you weren’t even aware of at the time.


You (and your guests) will be dying to see the pictures and re-live the whole event so Ashley will send over a slide show of his favourites as soon as possible as a first taste, for you to share with your friends and family.


Once Ashley has completed the editing and re-touching he will upload a re-print gallery to share with friends and relatives, from which you can order professional standard prints and a range of other products .


Once you’ve had a chance to digest the images we’ll be in touch to discuss the choice of images for your album which can take up to 8 weeks depending on how long it takes to design and proof.


And there you have it!


For Photography prices see “Prices”

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To book contact Ashley by email or call on 01877 382600

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