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How many pictures do we receive? Other things to think about ..
What’s on the USB?  
Who owns the copyright to the pictures?  
Do you have backup equipment?  
Can I book you for longer?  
Do you have insurance?  
How does the pre-wedding consultation work?  
Can friends and family view and buy the pictures?  
Colour or Black & White  
Will you reserve the date for me?  

For Bookings or other queries please do get in touch by email . Or call Ashley or Anna on 01877 382600.  We'll be delighted to help.





How long before I see my pictures?

My priority is to get your pictures to you as quickly as possible and I work very hard to make sure this happens. However, the length of time will depend on how busy I am at that stage of the year. I work on strict rotation so all my weddings are edited in the order I shoot them. It’s going to be somewhere in the region of 2 to 3 weeks and I’ll keep you posted on progress if it’s going to be longer than that.

I sometimes make a taster selection available via my Blog or Facebook  before the full set is ready.

Once you have selected images for your album the proofing and production can take up to 8 weeks.


Will you use the pictures for marketing or social media?

Being able to show my work – whether through my portfolio, my Blog, a brochure, magazine or competition is hugely important. If I can’t show my photos, I can’t promote my business and you would probably have never found me. Having said that, we pride ourselves on our discretion and we have many couples for whom privacy is essential. If this is the case please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

What happens if you get taken ill?

In the very unlikely event that I am unable to photograph your wedding due to illness I have reciprocal arrangements with photographers who shoot to a similar standard and style, as well as providing the same caliber of service who will stand in for me. If you wish to arrange another photographer yourself you will receive a refund of all money paid to that point. It’s worth mentioning that in over 20 years as a professional photographer I have never missed an assignment due to ill health.


Do you do formal Groups?

Formal groups can be a very important part of the photography coverage for some couples and I’m very happy to include them in my schedule - it’s often a rare opportunity to get all of your nearest and dearest together in the same photo. That said, I do prefer to keep them to a minimum because they always take longer to shoot than you expect.

Presumably you are looking at my website because you like my documentary style - so don’t forget that the more time I spend on the groups the less time I can spend on doing what you've employed me to do. I suggest a maximum of 5 or 6 (see "Groups"  below for suggestions)


How many pictures do we receive?

I don’t specify the number of pictures because all weddings are different and lend themselves to different amounts of pictures. I take a large volume of images during the whole day and edit them down to between 300 to 500 images for your disc.

A big part of the creative process is to edit the collection so each picture you receive contributes something to the narrative of your day but also makes sure that you are not inundated with repetitious pictures just to make up a predetermined number.


What’s on the USB?

Your USB disc will include all the images in both colour and black and white at a high resolution for producing prints and products. It will also contain a version of each image prepared at an optimum resolution for online use.

Who owns the copyright to the pictures?
You are licensed to produce any prints or products from the high res digital files on your USB as you wish for yourselves or any friends or family. You also receive a duplicate set of digital images prepared for use on social media etc.

However, the copyright in the work remains with Epic Scotland Ltd and the pictures cannot be sent to magazines or commercial websites or blogs for publication without my permission.


Can I book you for longer?  

Yes. ... A day’s photography gives a great range of pictures up to the first dance a bit beyond to get a good flavour of the party - but extra hours can also be added to cover up to Going Away as can  coverage of the rehearsal and preparations the day before, or lunch the day after the wedding. Full details on price list.

Do you have backup equipment?
I have plenty of equipment with me on the day. I have a minimum of 2 cameras with me both writing to duplicate memory cards (2 in each camera) with various interchangeable lenses. I also shoot with a 3rd rangefinder camera at some weddings.

Please rest assured that your pictures are safe and should one memory card fail all the pictures from that camera are duplicated on the second memory card. I have never had a failure of equipment in over 20 years as a professional photographer.

I use the latest Canon cameras and upgrade as soon as possible when a new version of the camera is introduced.

Do you have insurance?
I am fully covered with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

How does the pre-wedding consultation work?
This can take different forms depending on where you live and how you want things to work. Many couples come to our home to look through the albums, meet me face to face and discuss their day. However, when this isn’t possible due to distance we use Skype, email, the good old dog-and-bone!

Can friends and family view and buy images?
Yes, you will receive a link to a web gallery displaying all your pictures which you can share with whoever you like. You can order prints and other products direct from this web gallery.


Colour or Black and White?

Whether a picture works best in colour or black and white is often a matter of personal preference. For this reason I include a version of each picture in both finishes on your USB disc so you can make your own choices. For your web gallery I choose the finish that I think works best. In rare cases a picture will only work in black and white due to adverse lighting conditions so I may exclude it from the colour folder on your usb disc.


Will you reserve the date for me?

If you want me to photograph your wedding but are not quite ready to make the booking I will happily reserve the date for you on a provisional basis. However, in the interest of fairness no booking is secured until I have received your £400 booking fee. So if I have a second enquiry for the same date it’s the first to pay the booking fee who secures the date.


Pollock House Glasgow wedding photo journalist Ashley Coombes Glasgow Scotland



Tips on Choosing a Photographer

Page Boys waiting Glasgow

There are an awful lot of photographers out there and it can be pretty overwhelming. Prices range hugely from a couple of hundred quid to several thousand. What’s the difference? How do you choose?


How much you are willing to spend depends on what your priorities are. I would, naturally, argue that getting the right photographer should be a priority.  They will be an integral part of the day itself and (apart from your married life together) their work will be the most enduring legacy of the day you have put so much thought into.  The photos are what's going to come out of the drawer to show the grandchildren….


Your first step is to find a photographer whose work you like, who you warm to, and who has the professional experience to deliver - whatever surprises the day may throw at them.


Look beyond the packages, the albums and the discs and start from the images and the person who creates them … are the images timeless, are they beautiful, are they honest to the character of the couple they are recording? Are they “you”? Is the photographer professional, experienced, personable, sympathetic, going to get on with you, your family and guests?


There are brilliant photographers working in lots of styles. Some are informed by Magazine photography, glossy, stylish and stylised. There are those working in a more traditional mould. And there are wedding photojournalists. Decide what style you like and choose the photographer accordingly.




Getting the Planning Right


It is important to bear the photographs in mind when pulling the timings together. Obviously I am a documentary photographer and so will just roll with the day and photograph things as they happen.


However there are TWO key points in the day when a little planning undoubtedly makes for the best range of photos.


1) Bridal Preparations:

Perthshire wedding bride A wonderful opportunity for photos of the Bride and the bridesmaids showing their dresses in all their glory is when everyone is ready just before leaving for the ceremony. Build in time for this  - have a glass of Champagne,  “take five”.


You will be rewarded by feeling calmer when you walk down the aisle – and some lovely natural photographic moments.


Depending on the wedding I may need to leave half an hour or so before you to get to the church. So if you leave putting on your dress until the very last minute  it will affect the images I can get.



2) Groups:

Lennoxlove wedding group Keep it simple! Presumably you like my work because it is not posed or contrived but I understand that you may want a certain amount of group shots. Make a list of the important people that you want to feature and tell them when and where they’re going to be needed.  Try to keep the variations to a minimum. Also appoint someone who knows them all, as well as a couple of ushers to help round people up. Just remember that the more group photos you want the longer it will take. This will keep you away from your guests and me away from shooting the kind of photos you’ve booked me to do.

Tried and tested combinations are:

1) Bride & Groom and both sets of parents

2) Bride & Groom with bride's family/relatives

3) Bride & Groom with groom's family/relatives

4) Bride & Groom with wedding party (bridesmaids and ushers)

5) Groom with best man and ushers

6) Bride with bridesmaids



Winter Weddings

I love winter weddings. They are cosy, atmospheric and have produced some of my all time favourite images. However, there is no doubt that as a photographer getting the results is more challenging - and this is down to two things - Light and Space.

  • LightDuring the winter good light can be at a premium. When thinking about how to decorate your Venue - bear this in mind. Ask the venue about options. Get those candles out on the tables! White table cloths bounce light when it is scarce - dark ones will suck it up.
  • Space. When the weather is bad and everyone is inside spaces can get very crowded, this can limit the options for the photographer - especially working in a documentary style as I do. If everyone is inside, adverse weather means we can't go out for the formal pictures, then we need to have an inside option. If the space is crammed to the maximum capacity this can be tricky! So, if possible, allow for a bit of breathing room which will allow people to move about more easily, which makes life easier for everyone.


Below is a quick checklist of  other things to think about:



  • Hair & Make Up                                        The Bride often decides to have her hair and makeup done last, which can lead to things backing up, a few nerves … dress going on five minutes before you’re due to leave, stress… Get yourself done early. You can always have a touch up at the last minute, you’ll feel more relaxed.  Also bear in mind that if the ceremony is taking place elsewhere I will need to leave about 10 or 20 minutes before you, to take photos of the Groom and guests at the church so you may need to be ready that bit earlier.


  • What to wear while getting ready               Bear in mind you will probably be photographed during hair and make up.  So if you don’t want your scruffiest t-shirt in the photos – choose something else! Personally I think a scruffy t-shirt can look just as good as the fluffy white bathrobe … but worth mentioning! And remember to choose a top with buttons – or a loose one so it can be taken off easily over your newly done hair.


  • At The Church /Ceremony                         What are the rules re photographing during the ceremony? Some ministers or celebrants have rules regarding when photography is allowed during the service. What is the parking situation? Particularly at small country churches this can need a bit of planning.


  • Anything Else I should Know About?           Is there anything else that I should know about that has particular meaning to you? Any fun twists or touches?  Perhaps you are wearing a piece of jewellery with special sentiment, or have hand made the wedding favours. I was at one wedding where the mother had hand cut all the confetti in shapes that had meaning to the couple … I took more care to take a cracking close up shot of the confetti than I would otherwise have done!



For Bookings or other queries please do call Anna or Ashley on 01877 382600 or email. We'll be delighted to help. 

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