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“I have worked as a photojournalist all my working life (nearly 20 years!) From Journalism college in Sheffield through local news in the Midlands, to working for the Times in London and then Scotland, my camera has taken me to a lot of places and pointed at a lot of faces!  From James Brown to Gordon Brown … and all points in between.


The joy of my job has always been to tell a story, reveal emotions, to get to the heart of a person, a place, or an event using images - whether for a national newspaper such as the Times or for a couple on their wedding day.


I have been drawn to weddings more and more over the years. Away from the constraints of newspaper editors they have given me an opportunity to develop my own photographic style which is all about people and their relationships.


Most of all, it's because weddings are endlessly fascinating. Whereas there is a “format” there is no “formula”.  Everybody takes the bones of the wedding tradition and makes it their own. And it is the people involved that make each one utterly unique. The interplay of emotions, generations, the familiar and the unexpected, is magic.


A wedding, more than any other day, calls on the full range of a photojournalist’s observational skills. I look for action, reaction and interaction. Those unscripted, un-posed moments of emotion which are what makes us human and individual.


I'm an observer not a director.  I will allow you to get on with enjoying your day, your guests and the atmosphere without being posed and "arranged".


I hope you enjoy looking around the site, most of the info you may need should be here but don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, or my wife Anna and we’ll be delighted to help.


All the best for an exciting time ahead.


Ashley Coombes





Lennoxlove Ashley Coombes wedding photo journalist Scotland


"Ashley took photos of our dogs and we liked them so much we asked him to do our wedding. We were delighted and he has subsequently taken the photos for my parents Ruby Wedding!".

Lynda Forteath, Lennoxlove




From the first wedding I shot back in 1996!  Boston - USA - a priceless moment that persuaded me weddings could be just as rewarding photographically as the news!! 


My wedding portfolio shows some of my favourite images from a variety of weddings.

Example Weddings will give you an edited version (circa. 50 pics rather than 2-300)  of what to expect from my coverage of your day.

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