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Stuart May 2010 One of the benefits of shooting portraits in people's own homes is the variety of locations and backgrounds that can be used to give a range of styles and moods from one single shoot. By taking your children to a photographer's studio you are immediately limited by what that studio has to offer.

For me the best portraits offer some context and show the child in their own environment. This also has the benefit of putting them at their ease in front of the lens as opposed to the artificial environment of a studio with all it's umbrellas, flash heads and backdrops.

These two images are a good illustration of this showing how much variety you can get from having a photographer to your own home. The close up portrait is shot in the child's garden with natural light and has a similarity to a shot you might expect to see from a studio shoot. But then a short walk from the house was a small loch where the children loved to go exploring and looking for tadpoles and pond skaters - no studio shoot can ever hope to offer such diversity.


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Guy May 2010

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Burnett May 2010 Kids often want to be photographed on their trampolines. 9 times out of 10 there's no picture to be had because of the safety netting which many have. They also want to show off their gymnastic feats of agility by performing brilliant somersaults - resulting in a photo of the soles of their feet!

This time the trampoline was a great asset to the shoot. The trees, the blue sky and fluffy white cloud and the position of the girl in the air above the tree line all combined to make this shot a real cracker.

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Thomson May 2010

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Ogilvie April 2010 There's nothing like an unexpected hail storm to add a big slice fascination to a shoot.

As a photographer who cut his teeth in the world of newspapers and magazines, this is the kind of gift that can't be ignored. Press photographers are always on the look out for the unexpected and the unusual making the most of the resulting reaction. In this case, the children were already relaxed and having fun but the sudden cloudburst generated this lovely shot.

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Rehwinkel April 2010 The 2010 season for Private Commissions opened well with portraits of this school leaver who I photographed at her school in Edinburgh.

The cloisters and decorated sandstone pillars were a great location with soft light reflecting off the floor complementing her blond hair and beautiful skin tones as well as conveying the texture and detail of the sandstone.

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Wattie January 2009 Photographing an animal with a black coat can be incredibly difficult as the fur just soaks up the light like a sponge. I'm sure there'll be a scientific solution with angles and reflections but it basically boils down to trial, error and experience as to what's going to work with the angle..... and get your exposure spot on.

Aside from the technical aspects of capturing an animal portrait it's all about patience, not rushing and keeping the animal calm.

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Bruneau November 2009 These kids had great fun doing this shoot. It was just one great shot after another without me having to do anything other than making sure the mood didn't change. The weather kept changing though but it just helped with the variety of images I could capture.

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Millar October 2009 There's nothing like the light on a bright autumn day. It's certainly a time for the white side of the reflector rather than the gold when skin tones are a prominent part of the shot.

This images was just a moment of pure fun as the children were playing in the dry, newly fallen leaves.

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George September 2009

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Lodge September 2009

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Milne August 2009 This shoot turned out to be done in two stages. Initially I went out to the West Coast of Scotland where the rain hammered down all day as only it can in that part of the world.

There were a few shots that worked well such as the Land Rover on the beach but I met up with the family again back in Edinburgh to shoot a few more portraits so they had the range of shots that I like to offer.

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Holt August 2009 Another back view. Well, it's actually more of a landscape shot with a couple of figures. It's an idyllic spot and I wanted to show the space and openness that children living in the country can enjoy.

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Linzee Gordon August 2009 Oh, I find it hard to resist a silhouette!

As many of you will know, we also run Epicsilhouettes which arose from my love of shooting silhouettes and allowing interaction, expression or emotion to be conveyed simply by the outline of a scene.

Silhouettes often work well simply on the merit of their graphic quality but they can also work well to evoke the character and relationships of the subjects as I feel is happening here between these three brothers from Edinburgh.

I also photographed them with their mum who was fantastic getting involved in their games and interactions.

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Whitley August 2009 Everyone's heard and used the old cliché "Don't work with children and animals".

Trying to work with both at the same time came make it pretty obvious why the saying is so well known. However, more often than not it's a goal well worth pursuing. The child can come alive in the lens with the pet in his or her arms and there are often tender or hilarious moments to capture as a result of the animal's behaviour.

I never try and control the situation too rigidly. I just position the subjects where the light is good and let the scene unfold and I'm rarely disappointed.

I'm also including this shot of the girl under the leafy canopy - for no other reason than it's just one of my favourites.

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Henderson July 2009 I'm always interested in the relationships between my subjects as the way they interact is integral to the images I create.

I could have just sat and watched these three boys together - the young man, the teenager and the little boy. It was great to see the youngster in awe of his big brothers and the responsible tenderness which they showed in return.

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Horses April 2009 I love to shoot animals, especially horses.

The time spent in the proximity of the horse while it gets used to my presence are magic moments. Some settle quickly and others take quite a long time. I prefer to shoot the animal on it's own if possible but sometimes it's necessary to have the owner there. This pony was good as gold and stood passively while I worked.

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Mower April 2009 Working with available light and mainly outside can present problems if the weather is wet. The problems are mainly about persuading the family that rain and overcast skies can offer much better light than a bright sunny day.

The soft light of an overcast day is perfect for skin tones and lends itself brilliantly to black and white images. It's a question of finding the right spot - which I did here around the back of the garage. If I were to arrive at a shoot and say I'm going to go around the back of the garage to shoot the portraits most would be horrified but the results in this case were stunning.

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Walker April 2009 Walker children and dogs First warm days of spring are great for photos. Everything has started to grow in earnest but the trees aren't in leaf yet so the light is very open. For the kids there's also the promise of summer after the wet dark winter months..... these guys from Sussex had a real buzz about them which I thought was a combination of the season and the new puppy helped, of course. Walker puppy and child in wild garlic

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